URESTONE St. Louis Faux Brick Panels are perfect for adding a realistic brick textured accent wall. This is our deepest texture retro brick. Don't settle for 3D brick wallpaper. Not only are these faux brick panels the most realistic-looking brick texture on the market, but they are also extremely durable. They are made of lightweight polyurethane and coated with an extra durable hard coat layer. The interlocking panels are perfect for an easy, DIY installation with a seamless finish. These panels won’t crack, peel or break down in any way under the influences of moisture, heat, sunlight, wind, and other weather conditions. These panels are made to be as durable as real brick.  URESTONE Brick can transform your project within hours. Create a white brick wall, add a used brick backsplash to your kitchen, or transform an old metal shed. Whatever your choice the sophisticated look of URESTONE Faux Brick panels will make a strong, LASTING impression. 

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