Shipping Policy

Receiving Your Shipment

Please inspect your shipment carefully and thoroughly BEFORE signing for the delivery. You or someone authorized MUST sign for the shipment or reject it. If for any reason, you are unable to inspect your shipment you must write on the delivery receipt, “Subject to inspection.”

Damaged Shipment

In the unlikely event that your shipment is damaged, you must reject the shipment or the damaged part. Please have the carrier note that a part of your shipment was rejected. Then contact us immediately in regards to a replacement shipment.

If you decide to accept the shipment even though it is damaged please have the carrier note on the delivery receipt that the shipment is damaged and have him sign the receipt. Then file a claim directly with the shipping company for the damaged portion of your order. Only the receiver can file a claim for a damaged shipment.

All shipments are carefully inspected and packed before leaving the warehouse. Responsibility for its safe delivery is assumed by the carrier at the time of pick up. Please unpack carefully and keep the original packing if there is damage. Our responsibility ends when the carrier accepts the package. It is then your responsibility to file a claim for damaged merchandise.

If the product received is damaged, Follow These Steps:

1. Notify the shipping company.

2. Contact us with the invoice number and damage that occurred.

3. Send a picture of the damage and be sure to keep all of the original packing material.

4. We will then email you on how your claim will be resolved.

No claim will be handled if documentation is not provided. In some instances, the damaged goods will need to be sent back to send a replacement.