Flashing MT1667 -MT1667- Fauxstonesheets

Flashing MT1667 -MT1667- Fauxstonesheets

Flashing MT1667

Urestone Trim
Please make sure you check the tabs and general specs below for actual dimensions and more color options.
Dimensions vary.
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General Specs

Model: MT1667
Series: Urestone Trim
Style: Flashing
Type: Trim
Edge Type: Interlocking
Material: Metal
General Dimensions: 1 1/2" W x 1 1/2" H x 96" D
Linear Ft 8 linear. ft.
Price per linear feet : $1.78
Weight: 8 lb
Interior Use Screws and Glue : Reccomended use: Glue : Screws
Exterior Use Screws: 18 and Glue : 1 Tube **
Interior Use Screws: 11 and Glue : 1 Tube
Suggested Amount of Caulk: 1 -2 tube per panel
** Glue not used on houses or buildings with building wrap.


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