Choice Enclosures by Replications Unlimited

The CHOICE is easy. Our new and innovative modular framind and paneling system features the high-end appearance of real brick or stone, but at a fraction of the cost.


City codes and design trends have pushed dumpster enclosures towards a more sophisticated masonry appearance. However, conventional stone, CMU, and brick systems require footings, engineered drawings, and time-consuming installation.

The CHOICE ENCLOSURE Modular System gives you a quality design that matches your store’s exterior envelope while saving you time and money on labor and materials.

  • Fast & Easy Set-Up From Start to Finish
  • Match the Look of Existing Structures with Customizable Options
  • Heavy-Duty Gate System
  • Cost & Time Savings Over Labor-Intensive Masonry
  • No Masonry Support Wall Needed
Modular Component Concept