Flexbark- Oaks, Box Elder, Ash FB3503

Urestone Bark

  • $645.75

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General Specs

Bark Number FB3503
Series: Bark
Style: Flexbark
Bark Type: Oaks, Box Elder, Ash
Material: Polyurethane
Size (Wb x Wt) X H)++: ( 68"x61")x 103" 
Area Sq Ft 41 sq, ft.
Price per square feet : 1-6 Sheets $15.75 | 7+ Sheets $14.49
Maximum Diameter One sheet wraps into a 19″ diameter radius
Texture Dept Medium
Usages : Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Scale size: Medium
Flexibility Flexible enough to wrap a 1″ radius
Non-Toxic : Safe for use in animal/fish habitats



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