URESTONE Large Designer Panels

Our URESTONE Designer Panels are the largest and most durable wall panels on the market. These panels are molded from real stone, brick, and wood and then are hand-painted for the most realistic coloring. They're hard-coated with an extremely durable high-impact layer that no other panel on the market has. This layer makes them completely scratch-proof and impact-resistant. You can take a weed whacker to these panels. These larger panels (most are around 4'x8') are still light and easy to install while being perfect for interior/exterior applications. URESTONE panels are great for commercial and DIY home projects—upping your ability to transform whole exteriors and interiors fast!

Shipping will be more expensive for this panel line because of the size. We recommend our URESTONE LITE line if you are doing a smaller project and want lower shipping costs.

The URESTONE Lite panels are also very durable and completely weatherproof, can be used on interiors or exteriors, but unlike URESTONE Designer Panels, they are not weed whacker resistant.