URESTONE Lite 2'x4' Series

URESTONE 4'x8' Large Designer Series

The URESTONE designer panel series boasts the largest wall panels on the market. Molded from real stone, brick, and wood, they are then hand-painted for the most realistic coloring.
After that they are hard coated with an extremely durable high-impact layer that no other panel on the market has.
This coating makes them completely scratch proof and impact resistant. They are also lightweight and easy-to-install, and are perfect for either interior or exterior applications.

Whether you're commercial or a DIY home enthustiast, URESTONE faux panels are sure to transform your space with ease.

URESTONE Lite 2'x4' Series

The URESTONE Lite 2'x4' series is designed with residential projects in mind. The 2'x4' foot line is smaller and isn't finished with the hard coat, but is still extremely durable.

Some poplular customer uses include stacked stone accent walls, used brick for faux exposed brick in kitchens, and fireplace surrounds. At half the size of our designer series, they are perfect for small, intimate projects. Don't hesitate to ask which panel would work best for your project.

You can also find this line at Home Depot.


The URESTONE Wainscot series is engineered with a built-in ledger to save time and provide that finished edge, perfect for metal buildings and barndominiums.

This series is typically 42" high and is coated with our durable high-impact layer making it the strongest faux stone available today. On top of that, our lightweight foam backing provides an r-value of 5-7. 

They attach easily to any surface including, concrete foundations, garages, sheds, metal buildings, really any surface will do! 

Corners & Column Kits
URESTONE Trim & Install Accessories

Corners & Columns

URESTONE corner and column kits include everything you need to add beautiful faux stone columns to any location.

Our exterior grade panels are perfect for dressing up a front porch, while our keyed and keyless corners are ideal for finishing projects and adding curb appeal.

URESTONE Trim & Install Accessories

Everything you need for a DIY quick-and-easy-install.

From metal trim to touch-up paint and caulk, we stock everything needed for a smooth, no mess installation. NO MASONRY NEEDED.

Use trim pieces to add a baseboard or a ledger, install around windows and receptacle boxes, then check out the row and soldier brick options for dressing-up entryways and windows.

The transformation options are endless.


Create any size, shape, or kind of tree imaginable with FLEXBARK's unique fabrication process.

A flexible mold is made from an existing tree in order to capture every detail and texture. From the mold we create flexible "sheets" of bark using our specialized spray-applied elastomer system. Finally, the bark is finished with a hand-applied multi-tone color process, allowing the fabricator to stunningly duplicate the tree.

Museum quality trees can be created for store displays, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, private residences and anywhere wanting fabulous faux trees.

Please be aware, each sheet/bark has differnt dimensions.

Corners & Column Kits
URESTONE Trim & Install Accessories

Large Commercial Project?

If you're interested in our products for commercial construction check out our commercial website: URESTONE PANELS.

Our products are used to remodel restaurants, hotels, c-stores, studios, retail locations in addition to dressing film sets and so much more. 

STUCCO CLAD - EFIS Alternative

Stucco Clad by Replications Unlimited is a synthetic, textured architectural panel designed to complement stone, brick, and CMU exterior designs. 

The perfect replacement for stucco and EIFS systems alike.

Natural Rock Textures

The Natural Rock series is molded from actual rock formations, making sure to capture every detail. Made from 3/8" thick solid urethane and can hold up to all the elements that nature can throw at them.