Sample Cypress FB3510 -SMP3510- Fauxstonesheets

Sample Cypress FB3510 -SMP3510- Fauxstonesheets

Sample Cypress

Urestone Bark
Please make sure you check the tabs and general specs below for actual dimensions and more color options.
Dimensions vary.
Using the color drop down will change the color of the picture.

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General Specs

Bark Number FB3510
Series: Bark
Style: Flexbark
Bark Type: Cypress
Material: Polyurethane
Size: Size Varies ~8-10"
Area Sq Ft .75 sq, ft.
Texture Dept Fine - Medium
Usages : Can be used indoors and outdoors.
Scale size| Thickness Medium Wide | 3/8"
Flexibility Flexible enough to wrap a 1″ radius
Non-Toxic : Safe for use in animal/fish habitats


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