Clean Brick Seconds DP2402

  • $180.00
  • Save $80

What's different from regular panels  - some keys broken, uniform foam from back side (but no issues from the front side.) 

Clean Brick Data Sheet 

Model: Clean Brick DP2402
Series: Urestone 4x8
Style: Clean Brick
Type: Panel
Edge Type: Interlocking
Material: Polyurethane
General Dimensions: 93"x 44 1/4" x 1 1/2
Area Sq Ft 1sf
Price per square feet : $12.13
Coverage Sq Ft: 1 sq. ft.
Coverage cost $10.00
Weight: Light Weight: 1 lb. per sq. ft.
Interior Use Screws and Glue : Recomended use: Glue : Screws
Exterior Use Screws: 18 and Glue : 1 Tube **
Interior Use Screws: 11 and Glue : 1 Tube
Suggested Amount of Caulk: 1 -2 tube per panel
** Glue not used on houses or buildings with building wrap.