Replications Unlimiteds' FLEXBARK system frees up a designer or fabricator to create any size, shape, or kind of tree imaginable.

The Flexbark Fabrication Process is Truly Unique.

  1. A flexible mold is taken from an existing tree to capture every detail and texture nature has created.
  2. From these molds, flexible “sheets” of bark are produced using Replication Unlimited's spray-applied elastomer system. This material fully penetrates every crevice and detail to exactly replicate the master tree.
  3. The final color of the artificial bark is accomplished with our multi-tone process. Our technique allows the fabricator to duplicate the appearance of the original tree, alter its color to fit a particular environment or create a special effect.

Now museum quality trees can be created for interior and exterior store displays, amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, and any location requiring imitation trees. This is possible because our artificial bark provides the highest level of realism in the form of a lightweight, highly weather-resistant, flexible sheet. We have created a whole series of different species of bark listed below.

Please be aware that each sheet has different dimensions.